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How to Install Wrought Iron Guardrail Will Reflect Its Effect More?

Jun. 18, 2021

As a Yard Gate Manufacturer, share with you.

In history, wrought iron fences have created a strong church atmosphere and decorated luxurious noble manors. Now, in our country, wrought iron fences have entered the homes of ordinary people, making a new interpretation of the day and injecting the connotation of the times. History and culture Reflect, the integration of spirit and grade. In the future, more high-quality, high-quality steel products and design works will be widely used and promoted in our country.

Custom Metal Gates

Custom Metal Gates

Do not use mortar and cladding on the iron fence that has been installed. In order to avoid contamination, the iron fence should cover the protective film during the interleaving operation. Once again, the iron fence is cleaned by the device to correct the scratches, and to ensure that the appearance is smooth and clean.

Workers must understand safety, environmental protection and civilized construction education before installing wrought iron fences; construction personnel must strictly implement on-site safety production rules and regulations. Construction personnel should wear safety helmets when entering the site, and welding personnel must wear insulated shoes. Strictly. Comply with operating procedures and all safety rules and regulations.

Before construction, it is necessary to disclose safety technology, do not violate regulations, and follow the instructions of safety personnel. Pay attention to all safety equipment and ensure that they are not used correctly. Materials on the construction site should be stacked in a regular manner, and debris left over from daily construction should be carried out. Organize and organize in order to complete the on-site finishing operations.

Set up warning signs for construction areas and dangerous areas, and adopt protective measures. Special attention should be paid when welding, fire-fighting equipment should be prepared, and the site should be checked immediately after welding. Various useful measures should be adopted to reduce noise during construction and ensure construction The process does not disturb people.

In order to ensure good adhesion between the coating and the surface of the iron product, it is necessary to remove the oxide scale, slag, rust traces, grease, dust and moisture on the surface of the iron product as much as possible before the coating (electroplating). Otherwise, simply make the coating Blistering, cracking, wrinkling, falling off. The so-called treatment refers to the use of mechanical or chemical or electrochemical methods to eliminate the appearance of iron fences before electroplating.

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