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What is the Material of the Dog Cage?

Mar. 30, 2021

As a Custom Dog Kennels Manufacturer, share with you.

The characteristics of dog cages made of different materials:

Custom Dog Kennels

Custom Dog Kennels 

1. Wooden: The dog feels comfortable. It will not be so cold in winter and hot in summer. However, the edges and corners are easily chewed by the dog. It is best to wrap the four corners with metal sheets. Moist weather is prone to mold.

2. Made of iron: This type of general manufacturer has sprayed paint to prevent rust, but do not choose iron bars that are too thin, which may be easily distorted by dogs.

3. Made of plastic or fiberglass: no seams, smooth surface, dogs will not bite, the cage is not easy to damage the fur, light, can be washed directly with water, but can not be disassembled and combined at will, and the ventilation is almost too.

4. Made of stainless steel: smooth surface, no rust, not afraid of dog bites, easy to clean, but stainless steel is either very cold or very hot in winter and summer, and contact with the dog’s paws and skin is not comfortable, so the indoor temperature should be appropriate. And the cushion inside should be more comfortable.

Which one to choose, you can consider according to the characteristics of each and your own budget.

There are also dog cage doors, which should have narrow grids or fine meshes, so that the dog can't stick out the nose and the hair on the mouth will not break due to the damage of the cage.

The place where the dog cage is placed at home should be warm in winter, cool and dry in summer, and easy to clean. If you still want the dog to watch the door, place it in a place where the dog can observe every position in the house as much as possible. For the mother dog who is about to give birth, the cage should be placed in a place where the family can see it at any time and can ensure the dog is quiet.

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